Friday, July 15, 2011

If I ever slip, I'll be banned

A Radio 4 profile earlier today revealed that Rebekah Brooks, who resigned today as Chief Executive of News International, was a youthful fan of The Cramps. Plainly, Cramps guitarist Poison Ivy has had a life long influence on her hair styling.

Leaving aside my original reaction of 'You ain't no punk, you punk' we have to ask if there are any hidden messages in songs by The Cramps that might throw light on the current situation? Well a newspaper group famous for hacking phones and going through people's dustbins in search of secrets might ponder the following:

you ain't no punk, you punk.
you wanna talk about the real junk?
if i ever slip, i'll be banned
'cause i'm your garbageman.

Or how about:

Oh when the Sun goes down and the moon comes up
I turn into a teenage goo-goo muck

And yes Rebekah, remember when you lie down with dogs you might just get fleas - so Don't Eat Stuff off the Sidewalk.

Finally how about a professional epitath from 'I Ain't Nothing but a Gore Hound':

Well ashes to ashes and dust to dust
Easy come, easy go, ain't no big fuss

(OK any excuse to play some old Cramps stuff. Not going to waste any sympathy on Brooks who has got very rich in the higher echelons of a company that has been screwing people over for years - nevertheless there has been a weird undercurrent of anti-redhead misogyny in some commentary. I saw a readers comment to a Guardian article to the effect that she should be burnt as a witch, while an actual article compared her to Morgan La Fey. Plainly there's still something about a mane of red hair that prompts primordial fear in some men).

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