Friday, July 31, 2009

Ibiza on the roof: sex, naked dancing and squatting

Ludicrous/hilarious anti-squatter story in today's Sun - it's got the lot 'scroungers', 'crusties' and 'drug-fuelled orgies':

A GROUP of squatters have sparked fury by taking over an empty tower block and staging SEX SESSIONS on its roof. Crusty couples have been seen performing sex acts in broad daylight after carrying a sofa to the top of the five-storey building. Others were seen having full sex and dancing naked on the flat roof. Wild parties have kept neighbours up at night and there are claims of widespread drug-taking. Residents at a posh high-rise next door say they can no longer use their balconies in case kids see the sordid scenes...

The Sun also published a slightly different version of the same story yesterday with some more choice quotes:

SEX mad squatters have outraged residents at block of flats by having wild romps — on the ROOF. More than 250 horny crusties have enjoyed months of drug-fuelled orgies in full view of shocked residents. Fed-up homeowners claim the scroungers have caused havoc since occupying the building after the G20 summit in April. They have now begun a campaign to get the saucy tenants evicted from Poplar, East London — even calling for the building to be demolished.

Neighbour Jo Graham, 27, said: "When they go up on the roof they are there for everyone to see. "You normally hear them first, shouting and playing loud music and then when you look some of them are totally naked and dancing around and others are obviously having sex on the roof. Sometimes there are as many as 50 or 60 people on the roof and of course it's dangerous, especially if they are on drugs. Hopefully this eyesore will be demolished as soon as possible."

Local MP Jim Fitzpatrick added: "There's no proper solution apart from demolition." However the kinky squatters claim they want to stay — likening the flats to famed party island Ibiza. One jobless crusty, who only wanted to be known as Jon, said: "More and more people are coming because they hear about how much fun we have here. The more the merrier. The parties will continue until we are left with no choice but to go. It's like Ibiza up there on the roof. It's just party, party, party".

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Mister Trippy said...

That's not really how I remember Poplar from 10 years of living there in the 80s and 90s. A real silly season story. But the shame is the authorities will use any excuse to know down modernist blocks of flats and replace them with ugly low rise brick nonsense. The block I lived in was beautiful but it was knocked down for no good reason. Many such blocks would have been great places to live if they'd been properly maintained.