Saturday, July 04, 2009

Malaysia: police arrested in disco raid

KUALA LUMPUR: Five policemen, including a chief inspector, were among 70 disco revellers arrested by police yesterday after they tested positive for drug abuse. Deputy Superintendent Aida Abdul Hamid led a 50-strong police team from Bukit Aman in the 3am raid on the Raptor discotheque in Jalan Kepong, Jinjang..."When we entered the premises, police found more than 300 party revellers, aged between 20 and 40, lounging around and dancing." The management was ordered to turn off the music and switch on the lights," a police spokesman said.

The party revellers, 215 men and 91 women, were divided into two groups and given a small plastic container each. They were ordered to submit a urine sample for drug testing."During the checks it was revealed that 15 policemen were among the party-goers." Following tests of their urine samples, five policemen including a chief inspector tested positive for drug abuse," the spokesman said. It is understood that the chief inspector, in his 40s, tested positive for ketamine and amphetamine. It was later revealed that the senior police officer was attached to the Kajang police headquarters.The other four policemen who tested positive were rank-and-file personnel from several districts in the Klang Valley. The remaining 10 policemen, including an assistant superintendent, were released when their tests came up negative...

Police found numerous pills scattered all over the floor, later found to be Eramin 5, along with several packets of a powdery substance, believed to be ketamine. Besides the five policemen, the other 65 party-goers detained were 38 men and 27 women. The spokesman said the discotheque opened five weeks ago and was one of the biggest outlets in the Kepong area.

Full story New Straits Times, 26 June 2009


lala said...

kl is generally agreed to be in malaysia (scene of some big protests this weekend)
very different scene from filipinas

your blog's still the greatest tho

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Whoops, elementary geography mistake, I have now corrected it!