Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Datacide #18 Launch Event


This Friday 21 February sees the London launch event for Datacide magazine, issue number 18. The event at Ridley Road Social Club E8 starts at 7 pm with some talks including one from me on the anti-poll tax movement (see poll tax posts here for a flavour of this). Afterwards Praxis and Hekate present DJ and live sets. £5 entry.  Full line up -


Datacide Introduction by Christoph Fringeli
Flint Michigan: Electronic Disturbance Zone
Neil Transpontine: The Poll Tax Rebellion – 30 Years On.


Psychic Defence
Vera Spektor
Dan Hekate
Luke Hekate

Noise, Industrial, IDM.

The new issue of Datacide, the magazine for noise and politics is out now and includes my article on Trump and occultism. Full contents:


Christoph Fringeli: Revolution and Counterrevolution in Germany 1919

Ross Wolfe: Marxism Contra Justice – A Critique of Egalitarian Ideology
Joke Lanz: Ghosts & Handbags – A short Travel Report from the Japanese Underworld
Matthew Hyland: Masterless Mouths

Three poems by Howard Slater
fiction by Dan Hekate
News roundup by Nemeton
book reviews:

Frankenstein, or the 8-Bit Prometheus – Micro-literature, hyper-mashup, Sonic Belligeranza records 17th anniversary by Riccardo Balli
Dale Street: Lions Led by Jackals – Stalinism in the International Brigade, by Christoph Fringeli
Activities since last issue
Lives and Times of Bloor Schleppy
graphics and illustrations by dybbuk, lesekill, Darkam, Sansculotte
The physical zine is a fine thing - you can order it here or come along on Friday and buy one!

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