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Clubbing in Sheffield 1984

Article by Marion Moisey from i-D magazine, no.21. December 1984/January 1985.

'It seems that at some point or other everyone in Sheffield goes to The Leadmill - and for good reason. It's practically the only place that offers varied live entertainment. Open 9am-2am, Day and Night, every day a different treat. During the day are a whole array of workshops, going from music, video, drama, pottery, jewellery, graphic design, circus training (fire-eating to juggling) ..... most of these workshops are free, and if not they will cost you just the price of the materials you use. While having a drink or a meal at the cafe, take in the entertainment:
Friday & Sunday see jazz or blues, other days anything from lunchtime theatre to string trios or school brass bands. Things really hot up at night though: Monday is theatre night. Tues: "Name" bands. Wed: Jazz 8-11pm, then 60s disco. Thursday: The Famous Door Club, adm. 50p. Friday: La Videoteque club. Saturday: Live bands (preferably local) & club. Sunday: 'Punk' gigs. The Leadmill, 6/7 Leadmill Rd.
Other clubs to check out:
- SIN BIN at Turn Ups, Wed 10pm-2am, adm. £1. The sort of music you might hear is The Sweet, Mud, T-Rex etc.
- THE LIMIT, on West St. Best nights Monday (free before 10, £1 after that) and Friday (£1.50 before 11 , £2 after that)
- WIG WAM, Saturdays at Mona Lisa's, 9pm-2am, adm. 75p. Hot Funk!
- ROCKWELLS on West St has live bands on Mond & Wed, pub hours.
- GAY BOPS: Every Friday at Stars on Queens Rd; Once a month on Friday at the Top Rank.

JYM, D.J. at The Leadmill top 10:

Dr Beat, Miami Sound Machine
Get Up Offa That Thing, Tony Baxter
Walk Alone, Sisters Of Mercy
In The Mood, Glen Miller
Out Of The Flesh, Chakk
Sensoria, Cabaret Voftaire
Ignore The Machine, Alien Sex Fiend
We Are Family, Sister Sledge
I Like Plastic, Marsha Raven
Gutter Hearts, Marc Almond

PAUL, D.J. at The Limit top 10:

Out Of The Flesh, Chakk
Sensoria. Cabaret Voltaire
Attica, Spear of Destiny
Walk Away. Sisters Of Mercy
I'm So Beautiful. Divine
Heartbeat. Psychedelic Furs
Why, Bronski Beat
Slippery People. Talking Heads
Fever Cars, Hula
Bonnle & Clyde, Papa Levi

Photo caption: ' Wendy and Yasmin make clothes - Just for friends and things like that. They listen to Bauhaus, U2, Siouxsie and The Cramps, go to The Limit, and given a chance to make good in a second life, would give it all up to be ‘another punk’. They're showing off their self-made clothes, self-styled hair and shoes at Rebino'.

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