Friday, April 09, 2010

Nepal: Thank God it's Friday (morning)

People all over the world look forward to going out on Friday night, seemingly in Nepal school students can't wait that long and bunk off school to go dancing at Thank God its Friday parties on Friday mornings:

'Continuing its crackdown on dance bars and discos running in the capital city, police took into custody around a hundred school and college students from a popular discotheque in Sundhara area on Friday morning. A police team carried out a raid at Babylon disco in the busy market center Sundhara today morning and found mostly teenage students enjoying themselves in a revelry mood while still in their school or college uniform.

... pandemonium was let loose when police suddenly raided the disco while the students were busy dancing to the beats of the disco music. There was big confusion as students tried to flee from the disco to escape police arrest. It is estimated that there was more than 300 students at the disco at the time of the raid. Many managed to flee from there, police said. Most of them had bunked their school and colleges to be at the "morning disco". The Metropolitan Police has started to crackdown on dance bars and discos in the capital citing such night establishments pose threats to law and order situation (Nepal News, 19 March 2010).

'Nearly 300 students were arrested in Babylon Disco of Sundhara on Friday morning at 10 am in a series of raids on dance bars, discos and restaurants of the capital. The raids were carried out two days after the police swooped down on X Bar in Sundhara and other dance bars on Wednesday... The discos usually organise parties on Friday targeting students who bunk classes to attend them. The students have been taken into custody in Hanuman Dhoka Metropolitan Police Range and Nepal Police Club of Exhibition Road. Police said that the students were caught consuming alcoholic drinks and drugs. It is reported that the police has begun its investigation into the incident. The proprietor of one of the discotheques has also been arrested. According to the police, the students would be subjected to medical tests for alcohol and drugs' (Himalayan Times, 19 March 2010)

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