Friday, June 26, 2009

New Links

A couple of (related?) new blogs with similar interests to this site:

Apples from the Underground - ' blog inspired by the underground subcultures of resistance , rave music creativity , temporary autonomous zones and radical theory'. Some interesting stuff about French free parties, including last weekend's Free Parade in Paris - trying to find out more about this (will translate some material from the French Free Parade site, does anyone have any information in English that I can use?)

Shituationist Institute - 'progressive party palaver' from Berlin, Athens and beyond. Some good party reports, I liked this account of a weekend in Berlin, including going to an anti-nationalist 'Love Techno Hate Germany' party.

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fancypunk said...

thanks for linking our blogs .. Actually Im reading your blog almost everyday , keep up the good work.. greetings to London