Thursday, October 31, 2013

Datacide Los Angeles Launch Party and Conference

Issue number 13 of Datacide magazine for noise and politics was published earlier this month with a bumper 76 pages including:

  • Datacide: Introduction
  • Nemeton: Infiltration and Agent Provocateurs; Vision Tech; Endless War; Surveillance, Control and Repression
  • CF: NSU Update
  • Two in London: UK Anti-Fascist Round Up
  • Comrade Omega: Crisis in the SWP, or: Weiningerism in the UK
  • David Cecil: Confessions of an Accidental Activist
  • Neil Transpontine: Spiral Tribe Interview with Mark Harrison
  • Neil Transpontine: ‘Revolt of the Ravers’-The Movement Against the Criminal Justice Act in Britain, 1993-95
  • Split Horizon: What is This Future?
  • Fabian Tompsett: Wikipedia-A Vernacular Encyclopedia
  • Howard Slater: Shared Vertigo
  • Dan Hekate: Crystal Distortion
  • Howard Slater: Cut-Up Marx
  • Howard Slater: EARTH ‘A RUN RED
  • Marcel Stoetzler: Identity, Commodity and Authority: Two New Books about Horkheimer and Adorno
  • Nemeton: Life During Wartime: Resisting Counterinsurgency (book review)
  • Christoph Fringeli: One Night in Stammheim. Helge Lehmann: Die Todesnacht von Stammheim – Eine Untersuchung (book review)
  • Christoph Fringeli: Anton Shekovtsov, Paul Jackson (eds.): White Power Music – Scenes of the Extreme Right Cultural Resistence (book review)
  • CF: Press reviews
  • John Eden: Emencified Shrill Out: Nomex at the Controls
  • Alexis Wolton: Vinyl Meltdown, Prt. 1
  • Record reviews by Zombieflesheater, Nemeton and Kovert
  • DJ Charts
  • Matthieu Bourel: Rioter
  • Sansculotte: Overdosed
  • Plus: The Lives and Times of Bloor Schleppy
There have already been launch events in Berlin and London, and next month there will be events in Los Angeles. On Friday November 15 Darkmatter Soundsystem and Immaterial Tech present the Datacide #13 Release Party at The Lexington Bar, 129 East 3rd St. Los Angeles, CA 90013 (9pm-2am / 21+ / $5 all night). Line up includes Split Horizon , Key, Bad Timing, Novokain, Diskore and  WMX b2b Nemeton

Then on Sunday November 17 The Public School Los Angeles and the Anti-Authoritarian Marxist Network present  Datacide Conference with talks on Electronic Music Counter-Cultures; Sonic Fiction and Information Technologies including:

- Lauren (DJ Nemeton) - Raves and Riots: Networked Counter-Cultural Strategies - An Introduction to Datacide 
- Sean Nye - Sonic Fiction: The Musical Case of Philip K. Dick's "Martian Time Slip"
- Split Horizon - Salt Marsh to State: (un)Divided Space

Start time: 4pm; Free/Donation. Venue: The Public School Los Angeles, 951 Chung King Road, Los Angeles, CA 90012

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