Monday, July 16, 2007

Born in the UK

Previous posts have considered the recent 30th anniversary of The Sex Pistols' God Save the Queen and the 25th anniversary of The Falklands War. 1977 is marked in a series at 3am magazine, where (ex)punks like Richard North/Cabut and Michelle Brigandage recall The Summer of Hate as it played out from the Kings Road to Dunstable (some interesting personal photos in this series).

In 1977 I was still at school, old enough to be fascinated by punk but not quite old enough to acitvely participate. So I was intrigued to hear Badly Drawn Boy's recent Born in the UK where he remembers the period from the perspective of being born in 1969, with landmarks including punk, the silver jubilee and the Falklands War:

Where were you in Seventy Six, The long hot summer,
You wanna be a rebel, Then turn your hosepipes on,
With two years to wait, For the sound of Jilted John

Virginia Wade was winning our hearts, She made us want to live
Vicious and his brothers, Were trying to set us free,
But much more than this to you and me, This was the Silver Jubilee,
We made something out of nothing, A sense of loathing and belonging

Some of us were gonna be rich, With the Iron Lady,
Lennon's gone already, Let's post the boys to war,
Oh mother, what're you worrying for,
It's somewhere he's not been before

Then you see the Union Jack, And it means nothing,
But somehow you know, That you will find your own way,
It's a small reminder every day, That I was born in the U.K.
The video is very evocative too, maybe less so if you were born in 1979 or 1989

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