Friday, February 24, 2023

Police raid South London Squat Gigs, 1991

A report on a couple of police raids on squat venues in South London from 1991 - an occupational hazard of going out in that era.

The Hellhouse was a squatted factory in Borough Road SE1, near the Elephant & Castle. On 3rd August 1991 The Blaggers and Oi Polloi were playing a benefit there for Anti Fascist Action. Police came in 'with dogs and wielding truncheons' and kicked everybody out. There were clashes in the streets outside and around 30 people were arrested. Within 24 hours the place had been resquatted.

A couple of weeks later there on 17 August there was another gig in a squatted Midland Bank in Peckham. Once again the police raided, people were injured from dog bites and batons, and eight people were arrested.

A joint 'Hell-bank' campaign was set up to support those arrested. Reports below are from the 56a Info Shop Bulletin, no.1, August 1991.

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