Sunday, January 29, 2012

1980 Leeds Nightlife

247TopCat has done a great service to social and cultural history by putting some old 1980s photos on youtube, including this series taken at Belinda's, a club in Leeds, in 1980.

Entrance to the club in Leeds, on Briggate
(see discussion at Secret Leeds)

I've never been out dancing in Leeds, but these images are very evocative of the whole British early 1980s soul/funk/disco scene. 247topcat has also posted similar photos/films of an all-dayer at another Leeds club, Tiffanys in 1983 and at various other places at that time


dkavanagh said...

hello i was given your blog name by ally at dusty sevens who thought you may be able to help me. I am doing some research on laurie cunningham, 1970's footballer and disco dancing champion. He grew up in Archway in north london. He came to national prominenece in 1976 before leaving UK to join real madrid in 1979.I am trying to locate pictures from that time of discos (preferably in north london), i have found stuff on shades in manor house and presume the camden palace or electric ballroom would have had big disco nights. Do you know of any books or sources that have pictures of the club scene from that era (76-79).
thanks very much. dermot

. said...

Sounds interesting. I remember Laurie Cunningham from football, didn't know about his dancing. Can't help too much with the photos, round 1976 Crackers would have been a key place:

You might have more luck at DJ History:

dkavanagh said...

thank you i'll give them a go

Unknown said...

I used to work with a guy called Raymond Wilks, also a disco dancing champion around the same time. Ray went on to be part of Stomp. I'm sure they would have known each other.