Monday, July 17, 2017

The Dance Floor is Packed with Stories

'Feels and Flows' by Paul Maheke at Tate Britain in London is essentially a recreation of aspects of a nightclub space within the gallery, developed in response to the Queer British Art (1861-1967
exhibition currently installed there:

'What does it mean to queer? How might we occupy a space and queer what surrounds us with dance and music? What about this is political? Artist Paul Maheke invites you to take your place on the dancefloor and experiment with movement and fluidity. Gathering together different elements from the dance club like sound, light and moving image, you and your family are invited to hang out, move, chat and explore different ways to turn the Learning Gallery into a space for queer celebration'.

'The Dance Floor is packed with stories.  The Dance Floor could never be a story with one voice'

(you have to pay to view Queer British Art exhibition thouugh- it's worth it)

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