Thursday, May 31, 2007

Raging Ravers

Our latest policing round-up features the oldest rave prosecution we have found to date...

England: '63-year-old faces ASBO rave ban' (EDP 24, 26 May 2007)

'A 63-year-old man was made the subject of an interim anti-social behaviour order (ASBO) by Yarmouth magistrates yesterday preventing him from either organising or participating in illegal raves.The joint application against Christopher Farrow, of Hitchin, was made by North Norfolk District Council and Norfolk police.The application came in the wake of a rave that took place at Horsey Gap, owned by the National Trust, over the weekend of May 5-7 involving about 1,000 people'.

England: 'Raging Ravers trash cop car' (Sun, 14 May 2007)

'Rampaging partygoers at an illegal rave are being hunted by cops after a police car was “trashed” on an aristocrat's land. The car was attacked on land owned by Conservative peer Lord Marlesford, weeks after the 75-year-old asked Home Office ministers a parliamentary question about policy on policing raves. Around 500 revellers are thought to have gathered on a former airfield at the weekend. Police say no officers were hurt as a result of the attack on the car at Parham, Suffolk, early on Sunday'.

India: Ministry of Sound in Delhi (Times of India, 14 May 2007)

'The party had just begun to rock on Friday night when the Delhi police suddenly entered Ministry of Sound, a swank disc in South Delhi at around 8 pm and asked the owners to down the shutters by 10 pm. The owners argued with the police, saying they had all the pre-requisite licenses and papers. They kept the party going. However, after 12, the cops came again, this time armed with a challan for operating a disc after 12. They asked the partying crowd to leave the premises, went to the bar and asked the tenders to close it. The police also barricaded both the entries... Later, the Delhi Police spokesperson told us, "The action was initiated because of constant complaints from people living in the neighbouring areas. There were also violating some licensing rules"... But all this has only left the people who had come to party at MoS that night puzzled. Like Bir, who'd come with a friend. "This is ridiculous. Why are the cops here? And why are they asking us to leave?" he asked. Echoed Rahul, "This is just not done. We look forward to Friday night parties, and this is what you get.'

USA: Long Island Drug Raid (Long Island Press, 29 May 2007)

'East Quogue’s Neptune Beach Club, located on Dune Road, found itself in a drug scandal involving 15 individuals this past weekend. Southampton Town Police Street Crime Unit reports that of the fifteen arrested, six were from various towns on Long Island. At the popular nightclub, an undercover police officer bought Ecstasy twice from three different people and arrested the three on felony charges on Monday. The other twelve allegedly possessed and/or ingested Ecstasy; cocaine; Vicodin; ketamine; GHB; anabolic steroids; marijuana; Percocet; drug scales; and packaging materials in the Tiana Beach parking lot... People other than the fifteen were arrested for urinating and consuming alcohol in public as well as littering'.

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