Thursday, August 22, 2013

Private Party on Politician's Plane

This is one of my favourite headlines for a while, from Slate.Com:

'Bodybuilder Sneaks Aboard German Leader’s Jet, Stages One Man Rave'

Der Spiegel (20 August 2013) has the full story: 

'On the night of July 25, a 24-year-old man clutching a bag full of marijuana and ecstasy pills managed with relative ease to get on board an empty government jet used frequently by Chancellor Angela Merkel, while it was parked at a closed military section of the Cologne airport.

The man, a bodybuilder of Turkish descent named as Volkan T., proceeded to stage a raucous, one-man party. Reports said he stripped down to his underpants, sprayed fire extinguisher foam around the elegant cream and beige interior, pushed buttons in the cockpit, released an inflatable emergency slide and danced on the wing of the Airbus 319...

... he drove from his home in Cologne to the airport and got past a guard post by saying he had been invited to a wedding reception being held in the nearby officers' quarters. He then climbed a barbed wire fence, walked across the tarmac, clambered onto the plane's left wing and got in through an open emergency exit.

While playing with the cockpit buttons, he inadvertently triggered an alarm that was logged by military personnel at 8:40 p.m... Finally, at 12:16 a.m., dogs arrived to deal with the situation. Seven minutes later, Volkan T. was arrested, slightly injured from two bites to the leg. He has been detained in a secure psychiatric hospital ever since. 

His antics put the plane out of action for several weeks and caused an estimated €100,000 ($133,720) in damage. The jet needed new carpet, a new coat of paint on its wing and a new emergency slide. It was declared operational again this week after a successful test flight'.

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