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NME Guide to Rock & Roll London (1978): Disco

From the 1978 NME Guide to Rock & Roll London, the section on Disco compiled by LeRoy Z. Jefferson, with listings and reflections on the music in London clubs:

'The thing to remember is that Southern Soul is a whole different ball game from the much- publicised Northern brand. In the North, the more obscure '60s foot stompin' scene still dominates, around London it's mainly imported flash funk and deep soul from the likes of Earth, Wind & Fire, The Commodores, Slave, Cameo, Parliament and Pockets, plus a side order of reggae and thankfully just a smattering of android Euro-Disco (Baccara and Amanda Lear) and New York aural soft-porn (Andrea True Commection)'.

The legendary Crackers (201-203 Wardour Street W1) gets a mention. I had no idea that it was the place that hosted the Vortex punk club on Mondays and Tuesdays. Bar prices are given: 50p for lager, 40p for whisky, 27p for coke.

Also mentioned is a forthcoming All Day National Soul Festival on Easter Monday (March 27 1978) at Tiffany's, Brighton Road, Purley (near Croydon), with DJs Chris Hill, Greg Edwards, Robbie Vincent and Chris Brown.

Other places listed include:

- Chelsea Drug Store, 49 Kings Road SW3
- Columbo's, 50 Carnaby Street W1
- Fangs, Praed Street W2
- Fouberts, Fouberts Place W1
- Global Village, Villiers Street WC1 (replaced by gay club Heaven later in 1979)
- Hatchetts, 67a Piccadilly W1
- Hombre, 78 Wells Street W1
- Kareba, 63 Conduit Street W1
- Le Kilt, 60 Greek Street W1
- Saddle Room, Park Lane W!
- Samantha's, 3 New Burlington Street W1
- Speakeasy & Speakearly, Oxford Circus
- Sundown, Charing Cross Road W2
- Thursdays, 36 Kensington High Street W8
- Tiffanys, Shaftesbury Avenue W1
- Upstairs at Ronnie's, Frith Street W1
- La Valbonne, 62 Kingly Street W1

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claire said...

hi i am putting together a film about this time is there anyway i can photograph this archive?

Anonymous said...

I went to La Valbonne,Hombres ,Thursday's and Sombrero in the 70's....the most amazing nightlife I have ever experienced,so sadly missed,now everything is about paying a fortune to reserve a table and Guestlists... said...

Crackers with George Power on a Sunday night, funktastic

Anonymous said...

I usedvto go to Thursdays in high street Kensington in the 70's love to see pictures of its interior ...great music great times !!! Not the same can be said of today unfortunately

Anonymous said...

I used to go to Thursdays in the 70's - Abraham was a fantastic DJ

Unknown said...

Used to frequent Sundown during my misspent youth..fantastic place as i recall

Unknown said...

Tiffanys on a Saturday night (mid to late 70's) was always amazing, would Love to see some pics if anyone has any to post

Anonymous said...

Royalty Southgate on a Friday night 8-12 then Flicks in Dartford, Lazers in Haringey, just a few of my regular clubs between 78-81

Anonymous said...

I had great times at Shagarama in Neal street Also The Sundown,Global Village, Samantha's, Sombrero, Anthea's (off Carnaby st) Thursday's in Kensington, The room at the Top. Then in the 80's The Wag, Bon Bonne. Sadly all gone but great memories

Lena Jansson said...

Went to Tiffanys from may-sept 1978, great times!
I have some pics but not many, if anyone Went there summer of 78 please post!

Unknown said...

went to Tiffany's summer 74, no pics. If anyone...

Summer 1979 said...

Fangs Praed street W2 summer 1979 , you from New Zealand living around Marylebone , you came to meet me outside Harrods Knightsbridge at 3 30 pm , than went to my place at Earls court and took separatly the underground at earls court exhibition exit . Where are you now , back home ? The very young frenchman

Anonymous said...

1973 Sundown was brilliant. Used to go there all the time, and on a work night. Also Chelsea Drug store and Global Village. There was another one on the King's Road, or was it Fulham Road? It was in a large white mansion looking building with a pillared gate at the entrance. Can't remember what it was called, not that I was stoned or anything........Went to the Room at the Top in Ilford once, got chased along the street by some lads. We took off in my friends little car at speed. Oh, what about the King's Cross Cinema? Bands playing at their all nighters. Used to stagger out at 5am and try and get home. Happy happy daze eh?

Anonymous said...

Flew back into London 1981; having been discoing down in NY for the past 5 years(amazing!!!)...trying to find the party scene in MY home town. Someone said Thursday's...huh?..the best disco/ funk club I've been to in London, with that spiral staircase leading to the dancefloor; pure class!!!

Anonymous said...

"There was another one on the King's Road, or was it Fulham Road? It was in a large white mansion looking building with a pillared gate at the entrance. Can't remember what it was called, not that I was stoned or anything" That's probably now a branch of Pizza Express Live called The Pheasantry. It's got an interesting past!

Unknown said...

I can remember going to one place in either Kings Road or Fulham Road in the 70s and it was called The Gigolo. Only went once, we all trooped in and had to run the gauntlet of all the old queens sat along the wall. If you didn't move quick you'd find a hand down the front (or worse down the back!) of your jeans!