Friday, April 15, 2011

Noise at Night - 1595

An early regulation against noisy parties ('revyling') was included as Rule 30 in London's The Lawes of the Market in 1595. Seemingly it was less of a problem if people beat their wives or servants, as long it was before nine o'clock!

'No man shall after the houre of nine at Night, keep any rule whereby any such suddaine out-cry be made in the still of the Night, as making any affray, or beating hys Wife, or servant, or singing, or revyling in his house, to the Disturbance of his neighbours' (Rule 30 of The Lawes of the Market, 1595)

Source: Emily Cockayne, Hubbub: filth, noise and stench in England 1600-1710 (Yale University Press)


London Sound Survey said...

Can I nick this quote please? I have Cockayne's book, but somehow overlooked the Lawes of the Market.


Transpontine said...

of course, hope all's well with you Ian

London Sound Survey said...

Many thanks Neil. Everything's fine my end, apart from a wasps' nest in the loft. Hope all's well with you too.

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